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Welcome to Root 2 Crown Wellness!!

Root 2 Crown Wellness & AromaTherapy

Here at Root 2 Crown Wellness & AromaTherapy the focus is to offer a new perspective to wellness and self-therapy. There are many services, experts, and resources available but it can become overwhelming. Sometimes the simplest step to take is to just be.

Be with yourself, learn yourself, and discover who you were in the past, where you want to go, who you are now, who you want to become and how you can flow in the season you are in right now to ascend.

Self-therapy is not a new concept but is usually one that is overlooked and underappreciated. Everything you need to grow, succeed, and ascend to your greatest self is within you already.

Guiding, Serving, & Supporting Woman

@R2CWellness is a resource and community that strives to guide, serve, and support woman on their journey to their unique and tailor made holistic wellness flow. Each of us has a unique path on this life journey, and on the path we have choices. Choices that lead us to things and people that can either improve our flow or disrupt our flow.

Discovering the flow of your life journey can be obtained with intention, consistency, and drive to maintain and sustain the life you want. A life of trust, a life of integrity, and a life of purpose. This requires you to go below the surface, uprooting the things, people, and/or items disrupting your flow TO ascending and aligning beyond the crown.

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